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About Me

I have been following my career path in management since 2011 until the moment I realised my real passion lies is psychology.

With several years of business experience completed, I re-entered university and began intensive studies in psychology at the university as well as Existential Therapy studies at the Humanistic Existential Psychology Institute (HEPI). Together with the change, my Existential Therapy practice has started and I am now working with individuals to help them overcome the difficulties they face in their daily life.


This lead me to the work with individual clients exploring topics such as anxiety, panic attacks, relationship, meaning, self-esteem and others. 

Seeing the blink in the eyes of the Client when the “AHA” moment comes is the moment when I feel I am on the right track. 

Despite my concentration in existential psychology I’m also interested in Art Therapy and Integrated Movement Therapy. I have also completed the Working with Groups Programme at the Gestalt Centre and am continuously deepening my knowledge for continual development is the way to move forward in life to me.

The feeling of being lost, difficulties related with relationships, continuous inner conflicts, inability to see the right choice, and avoidance of responsibility prevent us from being and enjoy our life. 

If you encounter these difficulties, and feeling the need to explore your inner spaces,  to better understand yourselves and your life, please contact me. I work with adults, couples and elder teenagers (16+) both live and online.

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