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The word therapy derives from the Greek word therapeia, meaning healing, serving and nursing.


In this case, I support the approach that therapy is a way to ease the existence of individual person and his or her Being while healing using conversation and words. 

My main goals in therapy are to be with the client and lead him to his purpose, to support him exploring difficulties that disturbs his being in everyday life, to get through grieving moments or crisis situations happening in life, to recognise fears, to observe their origin, so that they don't become disturbances stopping the client from moving forward.

Anxiety.  Uncertainty. Unknown. Meaning. Choices. Freedom. Responsibility. Guilt.


I‘m sure these words are met by almost everyone irrespective of sex, status in the society, professional experience.


Some people meet these words understanding very clearly each of them. Others, however, face them while being stuck in their inner chaos.


Almost everyone may know the feeling in different periods of their life, when natural questions appear:


Why am I, where I am at the moment?

Why do I behave one way or another?

Why do appear in the same place all over again?

Do I like myself?

Do I like the way I am with myself and other people?

Do I want to change anything?

What do I want?

What is meaning to me?


And sometimes the moments appear when you clearly understand


I am tired

It‘s too difficult

I can‘t anymore


The therapy process gives the opportunity to look into these or similar questions, to understand oneself better, to understand the way you think, the way you feel, to connect thinking with feeling and with the help of the Consultant not only to hear yourself but to see yourself reflected in a mirror.

The basis of my practice working with individual clients is existential therapy formed during the years by the philosophers and practitioners such as R. May, J. Bugental, M. Heidegger and others. 


It also consists of my personal experience in life as well as different trainings and courses attended.


Seeing a need and when agreed with the client, I also integrate different art therapy methods learned from Professor Ludmila Lebedeva.

You can create and recreate yourself on your own, if you want to. But it is much easier to do that with the support of others.

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